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Thank you to

Tea Lady

for choosing this delicious recipe

from Dorie Greenspan’s wonderful cookbook entitled: 

Baking From My Home to Yours.


This cheesecake is smooth and lucious.  It is a short cheesecake and the graham cracker crust was taller than the cheesecake itself, and was a little messy and caused the surface of the cheesecake to not be smooth like most cheesecakes are. 

If I were to make this cheesecake again, I would add a little more melted butter to the crust recipe, so that it would hold together better, as it was very crumbly.  I also would add more chocolate to this recipe, as 4 ounces of melted bittersweet chocolate didn’t seem to be enough to give this cheesecake’s name justice.


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Thank you to

Beth from Someone’s in the Kichen with Brina

(another person who lives in Baltimore)

who chose the recipe for this week’s “Tuesdays with Dorie”


This pie is very good and presents itself very nicely.  However, it took additional time to bake, I am assuming because of the chocolate? 

I baked this pie for an additional 30 minutes and it still “jiggled” when I took it from the oven.  I allowed it to cool, took some pictures of the whole pie and then sliced into it, and oh no!  It was so runny and the chocolate, sugary filling came oozing out and did not look appealing.  So, that is the reason that I am only including a picture of the entire pie, prior to slicing. 

Overall, the addition of the espresso powder was a very nice spice to add, as this seemed to cut the sweetness of the “usual pecan pie.”  The addition of the chocolate seemed to take away from the original pecan pie taste for me.  So, the next time I bake this pie, I will add only 1 teaspoon of the espresso powder and will leave out the chocolate.



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TWD – Sables


Thank you to

Barbara at Bungalow Barbara 

for chosing this week’s delicious recipe:


(pronounced:  Saw-blaes)

Please visit Barbara’s blog

or purchase Dorie Greenspan’s wonderful cookbook: 

“Baking From My Home to Yours”

 at Amazon.com.


This week’s selection is definitely one of the best cookies I have ever baked. These Sable cookies are tender, light and oh so buttery.  These cookies are “melt-in-your-mouth” good!

I read the entire page in Dorie’s book on how to make a light and delicate shortbread cookie, and the instructions were worth the read. 

I used two sticks of butter right at room temperature, but didn’t allow the butter to get so soft that it was greasy.

I added the granulated sugar, confectioner’s sugar, salt and mixed together just until blended.

Next came the two cups of flour, added all at once and mixed only until blended.  The mixture was still crumbly and did not incorporate the flour on the sides of the bowl.

I placed the dough onto a piece of plastic wrap and rolled it up into a log.  The dough was then placed into the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning, I took the dough from the refrigerator and basted it with an egg wash, which consisted of one egg yolk. 

Next came the coarse sugar!  It sparkles!

I sprinkled this sparking sugar onto the egg-washed cookie log. 

I then sliced the log into 1/4-inch slices and placed onto a silpat mat.

And then into a preheated 350 degree oven for about 17 minutes.

I took the cookies from the oven and waited a couple of minutes to allow them to cool a bit before placing them onto a cooling rack.

I could hardly wait to taste one!  I bit into a light and delicate and buttery cookie that melted in my mouth. 

These cookies are wonderful and would be a part of a great combination with a cup of hot tea. Or, enjoy these cookies with friends while playing cards or mah jong.

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Thank you to

Lauren from I’ll Eat You 

for choosing this recipe from

Dorie Greenspan’s wonderful book entitled: 

“Baking From My Home to Yours” 

Please visit Lauren’s site for the recipe

or purchase this book from Amazon.com

This tart was fun to put together

and made for a beautiful presentation.   

I didn’t know what kind of pears to buy for this tart, so when looking at all of the pears, I looked for the ones that were most ripe. 

Here is some information on types of pears:

What are Pears?

Pears (Pyrus communis) are a pome fruit relative of the apple. One of the earliest written histories or records comes from Homer’s reference to them as “Gifts from the Gods.” The first pears arrived in the United States by European settlers in the 1700s. Pears rank second to the apple as the most popular US fruit. They can be eaten and used in a lot of the same ways as the apple. One distinct feature of the pear besides the shape is the soft texture. This soft texture is the result of the starch converting to sugar after being picked from a tree to ripen.

Over 3,000 Varieties

Did you know that there are over 3,000 varieties of pears? Of those, only a few are grown commercially and the pears available to you may depend on where you live and the time of year.

Pear Varieties and Cultivars

Pear Health Benefits

They have no cholesterol, sodium, or saturated fat. They offer a natural, quick source of energy, due largely to high amounts of two monosaccharides: fructose and glucose, plus Levulose, the sweetest of known natural sugars, found to a greater extent in fresh pears than in any other fruit. A pear is a nutrient dense food, providing more nutrients per calorie, than calories per nutrient. Carbohydrates make up 98% of the energy provided by a pear, and carbohydrates are helpful in weight reduction diets because they contain half as many calories as fat.

Fresh pears offer dietary fiber, much of it in the form of Pectin. A pear weighing 166 grams provides 2.32 grams of crude fiber, and 4 grams of dietary fiber, of which 41% is pectin. Fiber contains no calories, and is a necessary element of a healthy diet, helping to sustain blood sugar levels and promoting regularity. High fiber diets may also help reduce the risk of colon cancer and can help reduce serum cholesterol. Pears are a good source of natural fiber.

Fresh pears offer potassium; 210 mg in a medium size pear. Although it is an element lost easily through dehydration or perspiration brought on by active lifestyles or strenuous exercise, potassium is necessary for maintaining heartbeat, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, as well as carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Replenish potassium by eating fresh vegetables, fruits or legumes containing high potassium content – pears are an excellent choice.

Vitamin C
Fresh pears contain Vitamin C. One medium size pear provides 7 mg, or 10% of the RDA for Vitamin C. As one of the antioxidant vitamins, Vitamin C is essential for normal metabolism and tissue repair, helping prevent free radical damage the destructive by-products of the body’s metabolic process. Vitamin C improves the immune system and promotes healing of cuts and bruises and guard against a number of infectious diseases. Fresh pears are a good source for Vitamin C.

I looked at the Bartlett, as they were the ones with the name that I recognized most, but decided on the Comice.  What a wonderful choice!  These pears were soft and ready for adorning the tart.

I peeled the pears and placed them into a pot and poured a mixture of cranberry juice and maraschino cherries, which turned the pears into a nice rosy colour.  Beautiful!  I sliced the pears and set them aside.

Making the pastry cream was easy, however, I decided to add some heavy whipped cream, as the pastry cream seemed to be too thick.  The cream lightened up the mixture and was ready for the baked tart crust. 

Carmelizing the pistachios was very easy and really added the finishing touch to the tart. 




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I absolutely LOVE cherries!  Ken absolutely LOVES chocolate! 

We do not LOVE cherries and chocolate together!

I made the brownie layer and placed it in a prepared springform pan.  I baked it and allowed it to cool and then prepared the marscapone/cheesecake layer and placed it over the top of the brownie layer. 

Ken and I thought this dessert needed a little something else. 


I made a chocolate ganache that consisted of semi-sweet chocolate chips, heavy whipping cream, light corn syrup and vanilla.  This ganache was easy to prepare and when I poured it over the white and creamy layer of cheese, I knew it would be a winner!

And, what a winner it is!

Thank you to Short & Rose for choosing this recipe.  Please click onto this link or purchase Dorie Greenspan’s delectable book:  Baking, From My Home to Yours!

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Ken and I baked these biscuits on Sunday and thought they had a pretty orange color and tasted really good.  For the recipe, instead of using the canned potatoes, we used two large, baked sweet potatoes, which equaled out to about 1 1/4 cups of mashed potatoes.  The ratio of sweet potatoes to flour was just about perfect, as these biscuits baked in the oven for the full eighteen minutes.  These biscuits would be an excellent bread choice for serving guests or for that special occasion because they are dainty and light orange and have a light and flaky texture that is sure to please.  


Thank you Erin of Prudence and Pennywise

for choosing these delightful biscuits. 

Please click here for the recipe or buy the book,

Baking from My Home to Yours, by Dorie Greenspan.

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ALLSPICE CRUMB MUFFINSThank you to Kayte of Grandma’s Kitchen for choosing the recipe for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie.  Please visit Kayte’s website for the recipe or purchase Dorie Greenspan’s wonderful cook book:  Baking, From My Home to Yours

Ken and I love muffins. These muffins were light and airy, but the allspice seemed a bit strong for this recipe.  If we make these muffins again, we will change the recipe ingredients a little by using cinnamon instead of allspice and will add toasted and chopped pecans or walnuts to the topping.  Some lemon glaze swirled over the top may be added to offer these muffins a little sweeter taste.

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